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David Simon (creator of “The Wire” and “Treme”) blurbs for “We Shall Not Be Moved”!

“We Shall Not Be Moved” is a careful and probing document of the near-death and continuing restoration of New Orleans.  In a city where the civic firmament is often shifting and unreliable, the survival of New Orleans has largely depended on ordinary people doing extraordinary things in an unrelenting fashion.  Simply put, the people who live here, who grew up here and know what life here can and should be, refuse to give up on that.  When all else failed, they did not.  They came home and went to work.  Tom Wooten, in writing some of those stories, has been equally faithful.”

— David Simon

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Starred Booklist Review for We Shall Not Be Moved

Well, this makes my week. Check out the effusive praise We Shall Not Be Moved received from Booklist:

Unlike post-Katrina titles that focused on the immediate personal losses suffered by the people of New Orleans, We Shall Not Be Moved shines a spotlight on the years following the hurricane, subsequent levee failure, and the slow rebuilding effort that continued long after national attention shifted elsewhere. Focusing on several specific neighborhoods, including Lakeview and the Lower Ninth Ward, Wooten introduces residents who found themselves forced to organize in order to save their neighborhoods. Crossing geographic and ethnic lines and presenting a thorough survey of the city’s damaged areas, Wooten shares the ways in which local and state governments were overwhelmed and the many individuals who stepped up to the plate and effected positive change. Compelling beyond belief, deserving the broadest possible readership, and mandatory reading for urban planners and community organizers, this is a tour-de-force about one American city and what it means to fight for the survival of your hometown. If you love where you live, you need to know this story of what it has taken to rebuild every flooded block of New Orleans.

— Colleen Mondor

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Author Website

I just launched my new author website, Check it out!

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Mack McClendon on the Moth Radio Hour

My friend Mack McClendon, a Lower Ninth Ward resident who runs a community center out of a large Lamanche Street warehouse, appeared recently on the Moth Radio Hour. I’ve been looking for the video for a while, and I finally found it. It’s worth watching:

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